About Us

m-r"If LIFE is the warp – then the weft is LIVING" Michael Keidar – Loopa
Our passion and knowledge about textile begins with us being textile designers.
Throughout the years of being owners of Loopa, that started as a textile design and marketing consulting company, we have become experts in providing various forms of textile possibilities to different types of customers.
Our knowledge in textile production & design, textile suppliers, and textile products along with a deep understanding of quality and management provides these possibilities that range from unique custom made desires and needs to mass production items.
We lecture and teach about being (textile) designers and business owners as we know how hard it is to survive in a competitive market amongst big multinational players. We strive to give tools that will ensure survival at least and success at best.
And have fun on our endless journey…

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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